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Magista Orden II FG Groen/Geel


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Nike Magista Orden II FG Floodlights Pack

De dagen worden donkerder, de schijnwerpers gaan aan en het mooie spel gaat onverminderd door. Nike presenteert de Floodlights Pack, een collectie die speciaal is onwikkeld om je zonder zorgen het donker tegemoet te laten treden.

Magista is gemaakt voor de playmaker die continu met passen strooit en de aanvallen dirigeert, en daardoor de verdediging van de tegenstanders uit elkaar splitst en in disbalans achterlaat.

• Gloednieuwe generatie Magista!
• Onderdeel van de Floodlights Pack
• Magista wordt gedragen door spelers als Andrés Iniesta, Mario Götze, Leonardo Bonucci og Blaise Matuidi

• Synthetic upper - weighs only 251 grams

Updated upper for a uncomparable touch on the ball
The Magista Orden 2 is designed with the updated version of the upper, that allows for great breathability, stretch and support - where you need it the most. These abilities provides you with a very flexible and comfortable boot. The updated upper is engineered based on extensive research, testing and analysis from Nike. Their findings revealed the areas where the human foot is most touch sensitive, while also revealing the areas most used when playing. From the idea that the boot is to be an organic extension of the foot and the findings from Nike’s research, Nike created the updated upper. It features inner padding as well as an integrated nubreed texture, specially engineered to activate your feets senses when in contact with the ball. This way a amplification of the senses should arise in the areas needed, to allow for a better sense, feel and touch on the ball. Combined with the friction created by the upper and the ball, this gives you the advantage when dribbling at high speed and doing quick turns, but also on passes and strikes.

Revised Dynamic Fit Collar for the ultimate fit
Dynamic Fit Collar is the part of the boots, that covers your ankles and feels like a sock. The socklike fit locks your feet in place, making the boots feel like an extension of you. Thereby increasing the awareness of and the interaction with the football. Nike has revised the Dynamic Fit Collar, creating a more anatomically correct fit that support your ankle joint even better. The thickness of the materials is thicker around the bunion, for better protection. At the front and back at the Achilles, the collar has been lowered for allowing a more natural flexibility and to remove any distractions. The combination of Flyknit and Dynamic Fit Collar is completed by the tongueless design. This results in a very close touch on the ball. On the inside of the boot; just below the laces, Nike has added a slight padding for dampening tensions and to increase comfort. An internal heel cap for added lockdown and stability, for a secure and tight fit.

Stud system designed for acceleration, deceleration and turns
As the playmaker in the modern edition of this beautiful game, much can be decided, if you can run and change directions quickly. Nike has designed a completely new stud system with help from an advanced computer system. Pressure points and the flow of power was mapped. So was different forms, patterns and compositions - all being thoroughly analyzed. Nike found the ideal combination, and the studs were placed at different place where grip was needed the most. The studs are angled so they work as claws during acceleration and quick turns. They work equally effective when decelerating, which makes it easy for you to stop and change direction when you want. On the front foot the sole has a Split-Toe function, which increases the foot’s flexibility in the boots, so you get an improved grip on the pitch. In combination with the front studs, that is designed to allow for 360 turns - you can do turns faster and sharper.

Weight: 251 gram

Dit is een schoen met FG noppen voor natuurlijke grasvelden.


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